Yacht Life Rules

By joining the Naleia Yachting trip, you agree to stick to the rules below.
The suggestions (further down) are to make your life easier.


  • I understand that the day schedule depends on the (to a certain extent) unpredictable weather – and for my safety and comfort – plans may change.
  • People have different eating habits – I make sure to tell others if I am allergic to any kind of food, before they go shopping/do the cooking.
  • I will be on time (or even earlier). Others might not enjoy waiting.
  • I am able to swim 50m without stopping
  • I cover any damages caused by me (damages to the yacht over 1500 euro are covered by yacht’s insurance). Damages caused by ‘higher force’ are of course excluded from your responsibility.
  • I accept others to be different (I accept differences as much as similarities).
  • The toilets in the yacht’s bathrooms are common asset, therefore, to keep them hygienic, all men pee sitting. No discussion.
  • I understand that the skipper is in charge of the sailing, and that he’s not an animator, I listen to the skipper in terms of sailing and yacht related stuff. He is responsible for bringing me safely to my destination and I know he does so according to “his best knowledge”.
  • There are things to do on the yacht. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc… I do my part. If not, I am ok with a punishment the crew invents for me.


Enjoy The moment By joining the Naleia Yachting Trip
  • Make the biggest shopping on the mainland – the prices on islands are higher.
  • Be like a small family on the yacht – accept others as they are, trust but also tell off when needed.
  • Be patient and respectful.
  • If you have a problem with something: talk about it openly and try to solve it. Attitude: Dealing with the problem, not with the person.
  • Nobody forces you to party: if you don’t feel like, you don’t have to join.
  • Collect memories, experiences and notes. Write some of them down and store them for later.
  • Enjoy the moment and do not rush but focus on what you are doing right now.
  • Respect others and expect to be respected – if you cannot sleep because of the neighbors from the other yacht, playing guitar at 3 o clock in the night – go out and tell them about this (in a normal tone of voice). They are not evil people! 🙂
  • If you are not up for learning how to sail, just tell your skipper and he will involve you less. The same applies if you are extremely eager to learn, the skipper will be happy to share his knowledge.
  • Do not have a full mind, but be mindful – enjoy the views, people`s company, nature. Don’t worry! There’ll be time to worry about your ToDo’s, problems and office tasks later… 🙂
  • Keep the common area (saloon and deck) clean.
  • Drink plenty of water! Sun, wind and salty water dehydrate you fast.
  • Use sunscreen!
  • Encourage others to disconnect from reality, and forget their worries. They should be here and now, not somewhere on Facebook 🙂
  • Bring along instruments and make use of them!

I am sure, if we all pay attention to the bulletpoints above, we will have wonderful holidays!
Your organizer,

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