Sailing Trip Croatia – Out And About Route

Explore Croatia on a Shared Sailboat

Sailing Trip in Croatia Out & About Route

Prepare for a sailing trip that shows the best that Croatia has to offer. We will be visiting historic towns, strolling through charming villages, sampling local wines and tasting the Croatian cuisine.

This sailing region features much larger and higher islands than on Sundown Sailors route and therefore the bays and inlets are longer and deeper. It sometimes feels like sailing pass Fjords. This is a route where we have a chance to visit very well preserved old towns. We visit Hvar and admire the night views over the port. We sail further and taste some wines at Sveta Nedjela, drop anchor at the shores of delightful island of Scedro, and call at Korčula port to have a drink at the medieval tower bar. We visit Lastovo Island, the former pirate base, and see what sort of treasures are to be found there. Every day we drop an anchor for lunch in a remote bay, swim, snorkel and enjoy the weather.

As always no sailing experience is needed to join a Naleia Sailing Trip as our professional skippers will introduce you to everything you need to know. The optional sailing course if absolutely free of charge, hands on and fun. More experienced sailors will be given roles with some responsibility and can count on some coaching too!

Explore the Croatian Coast on a Shared Sailboat

Join us to visit the Central Dalmatian region. We sail in between large islands where local vineyards produce award winning wines. The horizon line is an eye-candy with peaks close by and further in the distance. We sail from port to port, from bay to bay visiting the gems of the region that we know and discovering new places if the crew feels like.

Sailing in Croatia is very comfortable, the swell is usually small and winds low to moderate. These conditions are just perfect for all sailing beginners. The choice of bays, ports and towns is impressive and there is always something new to discover even when coming back year after year. Each lunch break is spent on anchor, swimming, relaxing or sun bathing.

Our Croatian sailing trips offer a perfect mix of sailing and exploration. There is enough time to learn the ropes, explore the land, and socialize with the crew. We made plenty of experience sailing in Croatia which results in a sailing trip polished to perfection.

Feel invited to join us sailing in Croatia!

“Out & About” Route

⛵ 7 nights sailing,
☸️ professional skipper, 
🏨 bed linen, towels, end cleaning,
🏄 SUP board and dinghy,
🔒 trustful damage deposit,
💎 travel insurance.

💰 cashbox contribution ca. 130 € pp (food, port fees, fuel),
✈️ flights/transfers.

Departure: Trogir Marina, Trogir.

Nearest Airport: Split Airport (SPU), Zadar Airport (ZAD).

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Island Hopping

Lushly forested and tall hills plunging straight into the water are a backdrop for our sailing holiday on this route. We are island hopping the most popular Croatian islands on our sailboat. The coastline is simply amazing and encourages to kick back on the deck and enjoy the views.

Explore Croatian Towns

On this route we take time to visit beautiful Croatian towns of Korčula and Hvar. Hvar’s waterline is lined up with bars and from a few of these we can watch the sunset. Korčula is more out of the beaten track and harder to reach for tourists so a much more genuine feeling is present. Together with Trogir, these tree cities will give you a perfect impression why The Game of Thrones was filmed here.

Foodie Bays

A Foodie Bay is a term we invented. It describes a place where usually a single restaurant caters to the desires of hungry yachties. We are exempt from paying the mooring fee if we eat at the restaurant. And these restaurants are just fantastic: fresh seafood, local ingredients and most unique flare of a seaside restaurant on a remote island. Let us take time to enjoy this dinner!

Croatia Sailing Trip Highlights

What you can expect to do on this route.

Croatia Sailing Trip Itinerary

We are true to the discoverers` spirit and plan our adventures accordingly to the winds, the weather and your wishes. This means the order as well as some of stopovers may be different than presented below. Leave planning at home! The plan showed below is only an indicative itinerary and your trip may differ. Only the mad men sail against the wind!



Trogir is a perfect starting point for this sailing trip. The airport is 10 minutes public bus drive away. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and we have local vegetable market to stock up our yachts with. Meet us in the marina, meet your crew and settle in. After all the chaos of the first day is over, we will have a welcome dinner in the city to get to know each other and kick off the adventure.



We leave our yachts in Palmizana Marina in Pakleni Otoci national park which is argued to be the most beautiful marina in the whole Croatia. After taking a water taxi to Hvar magnificent views from the Spanjola Castle are accessible after just a very short hike. Beach bars, restaurants and great vibes are in abundance! This city is very popular with sailors doing sailing trips in Croatia so we can meet many interesting people. We stroll through the city and after dining on fabulous food we head to the Hula Hula sunset beach to sip a drink on a sunbed and watch the sun go down.



Scedro stands for delightful in Croatian language. Fine pine forests cover the whole island, bays are beautiful and quiet and the only civilization around is a few restaurants at which buoys we can moor. Or, if we feel more like being on our own, we drop an anchor in an uninhabited bay and raft the yachts together. We create our own little village, cook on board, enjoy some music and  a solitude of being cast away!



Korcula: there are no cars to be found in the old town. Not only because the streets are too narrow, but also because the only entrance to the city includes steps and a bridge wide enough for a maximum of three people to walk arm in arm. If this is not the best argument to enjoy this maze of stone paved streets at a leisurely strolling pace, maybe the prospect of a drink in Massimo Coctail bar (on a medieval tower) and some live music will convince you to join us in experiencing this incredible city?

Not without a reason Korcula got a nickname of Little Dubrovnik. It has all the advantages of Dubrovnik: built as a stronghold on a shield plan, defense towers, artsy culture, etc… but it does NOT welcome 1.5mln tourists yearly!



It is a mystery island and the most remote island of the entire Croatian coast. It was a military exclusion zone until 1989 and beforehand it was a pirate`s base! What treasure will we discover there? ….


Foody Bay

At Naleia we call these types of bays `Foody Bay` and I think these are a characteristic feature of sailing holidays in Croatia. Foody Bays are well sheltered and there is a single restaurant where we delight our taste buds with barbecued meats or seafood that cannot be fresher! We again raft our yachts and embark on a gourmet travel. We suggest ordering Peka which is a traditional Croatian meal cooked under an iron bell. Octopus, fish or lamb is slow cooked for 3 hours together with various sorts of vegetables. Juices of fish or meat mix with the vegetables giving them taste that is beyond imagination…



On Friday, the last day of our sailing trip, we have a regatta. Skippers should have thought you enough by now to let you sail the boat yourself. They are there to observe and help in emergencies but it is you and your crew who competes against the other crews.
Once the rush and excitement is over, we call to an island nearby Trogir and spend there the last night. We have the captains dinner with all the crews and enjoy recalling stories from the last week, toasting for the regatta winners and savoring the last moments in Croatia.





Keep the connection

Day 8 is the day to say goodbye. All the miles sailed, saunas visited, skills gained and time shared with others will make us bond and build relationships. Cherish these, keep in touch and remember that your sailing tribe is there. See you another time!

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