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Sailing holiday in Greece, corfu

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The Corfu sailing route has holidays written all over it. The winds are gentle and easy, the waves are small and the sun is warm. The bays welcome us with electric blue water, white cliffs and green pine forests. This part of Greece receives a good amount of rain and therefore the vegetation thrives. This is a very soothing area to sail in.

We take our time discovering this area. We have time to spend on anchor and swim, relax and enjoy the company of our fellow travellers. On the shore, small Greek towns invite for a stroll, Taverns offer great meals that suit all tastes and diets and the old town of Corfu will satisfy every history lover.

The Corfu sailing route offers pleasantly easy sailing days with short distances. This is typical mediterranean cruising from bay to bay, from port to port, under the Naleia flag. Feel invited to join us sailing!

sailing holidays into the north ionian sea

As always no sailing experience is needed to join as our professional skippers will introduce you to everything you need to know. The optional sailing course is free of charge, hands on and fun. More experienced sailors will be given some responsibility and can count on being coached as well.

Feel invited to join us sailing in Corfu, Greece! And if you have sailed in Corfu already, feel invited to check our other Greek sailing holidays.

“Corfu” Route
4-5 hours of sailing per day (100NM /week)
Easy sailing in gentle winds
Bay chilling, Taverns, Blue Caves

Naleia Trips Include:
⛵ 7 nights, 8 days sailing trip on a yacht,
☸️ Naleia skipper, 
🔒 trustful damage deposit,
🏨 bed linen, towels, end cleaning,
🏄 SUP board and dinghy,
💎 travel insurance.

💰 kitty contribution ca. 200 € pp
(food, drinks, port fees, fuel),
✈️ flights/transfers.

Departure: Marina Gouvia
Nearest Airport: Corfu (CFU).

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what can you sail on ?

Below are the boat types that we use. On flotilla trips you can choose from all three boat types, whereas on offshore, one-way or exotic destinations usually just one boat type is available.

Expedition Sailboat

This is a sailboat that has seen it all. Super well equipped for many weeks offshore. Solar panels, strong batteries, water maker, satellite communications and additional sails (light wind) increase the pleasure as well as the autonomy of sailing.

Modern Yacht

The next generation of sailboats, maximum 8 year old offers additional comfort and space: large swimming platform, wider and more specious design, clever storage options and modern materials will take your sailing holidays to the next level.


The most spacious option there is in the world of sailing. Enormous (for sailboats) living area, large sunbathing net and deck, roomier cabins and often en-suite bathrooms offer the most comfort you can get for your money.

corfu sailing trip highlights

Picturesque ports

Small Greek villages managed to keep their charm even though tourism is their main source of income. We will be surrounded by colorful houses, small cafes, bougainvilleas, blue window shutters and sunshine. Enjoy strolling through the small backstreets, take a handcrafted souvenir home and sip Greek coffee watching the slow islanders’ life pass by.

Vibrant Anchorages

Some great anchorages await us on this route. Crystal clear water, sandy bottom, pine lined beaches and white cliffs combine into a uniqe image of the north Ionian Sea. 

Blue Caves

The south and western shore of Paxos island is lined with blue caves. Small, big, narrow, wide… We drop anchor nearby and you can swim into them. Do not worry, SUP and dinghies are there to assist you if need be. At the right time of the day these caves are lit from the sunrays reflected from the sandy bottom and glow blue!

What you can expect to do on Corfu Sailing Holidays:

Itinerary of corfu Sailing Holidays in Greece

We stay true to the discoverers’ spirit and plan our adventures accordingly to the winds, the weather and your wishes. This means the order as well as some of the stopovers may be different than presented below. Leave planning at home! The plan showed below is only an indicative itinerary and your trip may differ. Only mad (wo)men sail against the wind!


Corfu is a beautiful old town. An old Venetian stronghold guards the city from the East and tall cliffs from the West. The city thrived on maritime trade, being strategically situated at the entrance to the Adriatic. Greek heritage and Venetian influence left their mark here. Corfu and the surrounding Ionian sea receive a good amount of rainfall throughout the year, so, as opposed to many regions in Greek, the shores are green!



A small fishermen village with three tavernas and a few houses. The catch of the day cannot be fresher and the sunset will accompany our dinner. Greek cuisine offers delicious dishes for vegetarians and vegans too!



Arriving to Parga, we make sure to have a swim at the nearby Bella Vraka beach and visit the floating bar. We anchor the boats in a nearby bay and enjoy the evening with swims, relaxing and cooking together.



Beautifully situated Parga offers a town pier to moor at or an anchorage behind two small islets. Colorful houses line the promenade, a Venetian Castle crowns the nearby hill and plenty of bars invite to sip a drink and watch the evening go by.


Several ultimately astonishing anchorages offer themselves to spend the night. We drop anchor in the most electric blue water you can imagine, raft the yachts and enjoy yacht life at its best: the serenity of the night spend in a remote anchorage. 



Just a few nautical miles from Antipaxos, the blue caves of Paxos await. There is time to swim and explore several of them. After a long lunch on anchor, we stop by Gaios, a little Greek village tucked away in pine forests. Stroll, get some local products and handcrafted souvernis and finish the evening with a dinner in the local taverna.



On Friday, the last day of our sailing trip, we have a regatta. Skippers will have taught you enough by now to let you sail the boat yourself. They are there to observe and help in emergencies but it is you and your crew who competes against the other crews.

Once the rush and excitement is over, we have the Captains Dinner (“the last dinner”) with all the crews and enjoy recalling stories from the last week, toasting for the regatta winners and savoring the last moments under the sails.





Keep the connection

Day 8 is the day to say goodbye. All the miles sailed, bays visited, skills gained and time shared with others will make us bond and build relationships. Cherish these, keep in touch and remember that your sailing tribe is there. See you another time!

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