Sail Norway Midnight Sun Route

Experience raw nature.

Join us for the Norwegian adventure

For the first time, Naleia will be sailing above the Arctic circle. This route was born from the dream of many Naleians to get off the well-trodden sailing routes, experience the magic of the arctic midnight sun, and get lost in a maze of fjords where humans are far outnumbered by reindeer.

We are sailing a one-way route starting from Tromsø and finishing in Svolvær in the Lofoten. We will follow a labyrinth of passages between islands, drop the anchor in magnificent fjords, and moor our boats for the “night” in tiny fishermen villages of brightly coloured wooden houses, next to stacks of drying cod fish. Sailing under the midnight sun, we will not be subject to the constraints of darkness, so we will trying ourselves at some night sailing, or rather “pseudo night sailing”.

This trip is for those who would like to experience the raw beauty of the North, the solitude of a fishing village living at the edge of the world, the infinite views from the top of a mountain peak, and who like to sail long stretches while watching the fjords and lush pastures pass by, singing to the tune of a ukulele while counting the reindeer on the shore.

As usual, no previous sailing experience is required, and the skippers shall introduce you to everything that is needed to handle the boat.

One way sailing trip Tromsø-Svolvær

This route is longer than usual, so average sailing days will log around 30 to 35 nautical miles (5 to 9 hours per day). In order to have more time in the Lofoten, we will do a long 24 hours uninterrupted ‘push’ in the beginning of the trip, during which we will take watches in turn while the rest of the crew sleeps down below. We will then have more time in the second part of the week to spend time strolling through the fishing villages in the Lofoten, take a hike to one of the many peaks or dip in the icy water.

Due to the limited availability of yachts, we placed the route earlier in the season. The air and sea are still very fresh, but we’ll also avoid the tourists, so that we can experience the region under a more genuine light. For those used to sailing in the Mediterranean, please be aware that you will obviously need to dress differently, and that swimming endeavours will be very short! The weather is notoriously unpredictable in Norway, so do not forget your rain jacket. However, our yachts will be equipped with heating, and we may perhaps even be able to find a sauna or two along our way!

“Midnight Sun” Route

⛵ 7 nights sailing,
☸️ professional skipper, 
🏨 bed linen, towels, end cleaning,
🏄 SUP board and dinghy,
🔒 trustful damage deposit,
💎 travel insurance.

💰 cashbox contribution ca. 200 € pp (food, port fees, fuel),
✈️ flights/transfers.

Departure: Marina Eidkjosen, Tromsø.

Nearest Airport: Tromsø Airport (TOS).

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Sail through the midnight sun

Experience the never ending arctic day. There shall not be any darkness on this trip! We can even go for a midnight sail in perfect visibility!

Authentic Norwegian Sailing

Experience authentic sailing on a 12-16m yacht. Live on board for a week, become a team with your fellow crew members, experience the elements and step into the joy of living side by side with nature. Move everyday to a different port and enjoy the views passing by from the deck of your sailing hotel.

Untouched nature

Welcome to the north of Norway, a region stretching over almost 1000km of fjords and rugged coastline, but home to less than the population of a medium sized town. Here immense stretches of wilderness are only punctuated by a few fishing villages, reindeer roam the mountains freely and hills are carpeted in blueberry bushes. We’ll drop the anchor in untouched bays and fjords, drink directly from the mountain streams, and perhaps be lucky to spot an elk (moose) on the shore.

Midnight Sun Sailing Highlights

What you can expect to do on this route.

Midnight Sun Sailing Itinerary

We are true to the discoverers` spirit and plan our adventures accordingly to the winds, the weather and your wishes. This means the order as well as some of stopovers may be different than presented below. Leave planning at home! The plan showed below is only an indicative itinerary and your trip may differ. Only the mad ones sail against the wind!



The starting point of our Midnight Sun route is Tromsø, also known as “The Paris of the North”. With its 75,000 inhabitants is the largest city in the north of Norway, yet it has managed to preserve a large concentration of historical wooden houses within its city center. Nested on an island against a backdrop of snowy mountain, the city enjoys the midnight sun from the 21st of May to the 21st of July. We will start our trip from the Eidkjosen marina which is outside town, still we’ll have the opportunity to take a ride to the city for a stroll.



Arriving in Harstad, in the distance we may spot the towering cliffs of the island of Grytøya. With only 24,000 inhabitants, Harstad is still the second most populated city in the region of Tromsø, and the last city we’ll encounter on our way. We may stop a few hours for rest and dinner, and organise our teams for our “night” sailing!



If there is one place where we have a chance to spot Trolls, it’s definitely here! This magnificent 2km long fjord is only accessed through a 100m narrow opening cutting though a cliff. It is said that a battle was fought here in 1890 between the first industrial, steam-driven fishing ships and teams of traditional open-boat fishermen over access to the fjord. Whether we give a try to fishing or not, it’s certainly the perfect place for stopping for a night, tell each other troll stories and follow the course of the midnight sun.



Welcome to Henningsvær, the fisherman village nicknamed the “Venice if the North”. We’ll moor our gondola for the night in the tiny harbour and head for the first Italian pizzeria. Henningsvær is built across a series of island connected by bridges, and is perhaps the village with the most famous football field in the arctic, having appeared on a number of videos recently. Let’s grab a ball and challenge the local football club, the FK Lofoten.



Seen by many as the most beautiful village in Norway, this tiny fishing village is dominated by impressive peaks and spectacular fjords. From Reine we could hike the 448m to the top of Reinebringen (a three hour steep round trip) and enjoy epic views of the Reinefjorden and Lofotveggen (the Lofoten wall), a massive rise of peaks closing the horizon.



The town of Svolvær, which is the main settlement in the Lofoten, is also an important fishing port. A vibrant place with many cafes, bars, restaurants and museums, it is connected to the mainland by regular ferries. Time to rest our sea legs, check out how land sick we are, and why not an evening climb to “The Goat”, the characteristic local mountain visible from the town offering incredible views for those brave enough to perform the famous “Svolvær Goat leap.”


Keep the connection

Day 8 is the day to say goodbye. All the miles sailed, fjords visited, skills gained and time shared with others will make you bond and build relationships. Cherish these, keep in touch and remember that the Naleia Sailing family is there. See you another time!

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