The reviews below are collected from people who have sailed on sailing holidays which we organize. These are inserted here without any alternation. We are very happy to have sailed with you! Thank you. It`s you who create the enchanted moments during these cruises. See you soon!

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Reviews 2016


The year of 2016 brought a whole new perspective. Naleia Yachting went full speed on with developing trips. We sailed in Thailand, Greece, Sicily, Sardinia and of course Croatia. All these new routes were very appealing and we learnt a lot about coastlines, sailing customs in various countries, weather and people living there. Priceless experience! By the testimonials below you can have a glimpse of how it was for the participants of our trips!
I want to express my thanks you for the wonderful job you did and for the wonderful holiday with Naleia Yachting and you as captain.

It’s been an experience on several levels, a great one that one doesn’t find just about everywhere.

As each of us, the crew, participated and vacationed for different reasons and motivations, I was hardly an exception.

The week was nothing short of an amazingly amazing time. Was very happy to connect with nature and explore freedom of soul and mind.
Once more thank you, thank you for your professionalism and such great attitude. Moreover superb understanding of human beings and being able to work it all out that it was working out. At such a young age, admirable. Keep up the good work, I’m a fan.
Your sailing trips do tickle one’s mind and although one of the reasons I joined last September was the small size of participants (as I’m not a fan of crowds), who knows, last minute decisions and changes of heart happen too often to discard anything.
Katarina / Zurich / Sailing with us in Croatia

The trip was great, I really really enjoyed the time a lot! The boat was in very good condition, I rarely had a boat that didn’t have any problems during a 10-days-sailing trip. The crew was lovely, Stan was a really relaxed and pleasant skipper and Greece in lately October is wonderful. I visited islands I never heard of, there were nearly no tourists anymore in this time of year, and so I got a very authentic impression. So thanks a lot for this very well organized trip!!!

I also was very thankful about your quick reaction on our bedbugs-problem. Something like that is absolutely unforeseeable and bad luck, but as you managed it perfectly we only lost one day and could enjoy the trip without any bedbugs-thoughts! Thanks you for that, I hope you hadn’t any problem with the charter company afterwards resp. financial disadvantages in result! Edda / Cologne / Sailing with us in Cyclades

Week 36 Croatia sailing trip was fantastic!  Well organised with lots of variety and fun. Marc and Nico were great! Always full of enthusiasm,  energy and plenty of ideas. Trying to please all of us was not an easy task – they did so well!
I will definitely be sailing with you guys again!
Jane / London / Sailing with us in Croatia

One week has passed from the end of the trip, I think I’m ready for the review even if I’m not very good in writing!

First of all, it was my first sailing trip. I wanted to learn at least the basic of sailing and I did it!

Then…I really enjoyed how the trip was designed: lot of sailing, lunch and dinner on the boat (or restaurant) in beautiful bays. I also enjoyed the morning at the natural park biking and the night in Hvar (just to change a bit!).

As you know for sure, on a trip like this the atmosphere on the boat is the key factor.
I think there was a great atmosphere on “Vagabund”! Probably this was helped by the fact that none of us knew each other before and that there was only one boat (I’m not sure that with 6 boats it would have been the same).

About Marc, he’s the skipper I’d like for my next sailing trip!
I really liked how he managed the trip, creating the “atmosphere” on the boat, but at the same time behaving professionally.

So..for me it was a great experience!

Andrea / Saronno / Sailing with us in Croatia

The trip to Croatia was just perfect :-)!
1. Skipper, Marc made us feel comfortable and relaxed. The atmosphere was great.
2. Yacht had everything we needed.
3. Places – The best place was definitely Mljet and Šolta. I would skip Lastovo or stay there whole day (swimming, relaxing). Definitely we would need 1 extra day just to relax. (Lastovo or Vis)
Trip with Vagabond was unforgettable, the whole crew became perfect team and we will definitely keep in touch!
Dunja / Dragatus / Sailing with us in Croatia

Thanks for everything, it was one of the best experience I ever had! Natalia / Prato / Sailing with us in Greece Saronic

The trip was fantastic! Nico could not have done a better job. His way of leading the team and teaching us how to sail were just great. I honestly don’t have any suggestions on what you could do to improve the experience, and I’ll definitely sail with Naleia again! Bastian / Leipzig / Sailing with us in Sicily

Hi Dominik, just want to let you know that I’m very pleased about the sailing week in Sicily, thanks for organizing it!!

Everything went perfectly, sunny weather, comfy boat, relaxed crew, great scenery, good food (my special diet hasn’t been a problem at all, everyone has been very understanding and super nice about it), and last but not least Nicolas the skipper was awesome, he taught us so much in just few days, he really does have excellent teaching skills. He clearly made the sailing trip golden 🙂

Well, a little more wind and some more fish to admire would have been appreciated, but that’s not Naleia’s flaw ;P Magaly / Lousanne / Sailing with us in Sicily

Since I live in Italy I know that we are waiting for that day. But the reality is always more interesting and stronger than your expectations. These feelings that you experience much can you tell us about your character. And as it is an invaluable experience that you go through with your team. You become as one. As one person. Who plays the role of the head, someone has a heart, someone hands and feet, and together you have a soul at all at this moment. This experience can not be bought for money. This experience can be experienced only if you choose to help the heart, because only the heart knows no doubts and fear, and sees very clearly! The funny thing is that after that day, almost no pictures. Great respect is Stephan courage, which has motion sickness, and has the courage to defy the waves, for the second time. Morten, behold that it was the first time for him, it seems very pleased and passed all the tests with dignity. Nico, you’re really one of the best skippers I’ve ever seen. If I know that Arttu sailing with us I am calm, because it is an old sea dog. It’s like have 10 lifebuoys on the yacht !!! Girls from Switzerland, Linda and Isabelle, it was a real surprise for you as the champagne spray and sunbeams in a crystal glass !!! Sabrina! Good cheerleader !!! Rune and Danielle it’s so nice to see that you are happy together! I write these lines, and tears are falling from my eyes, because I love you and miss these days !!!! I never get tired of thanking Dominik !!!! You are wonderful and unusual man !!! You gather together amazing people !!! I am very pleased to see how your (our) project develops and turns into a symbiosis of bright, creative, enthusiastic people. Such as all of us like as Nico, who looks at the world upside down! Perhaps this is the correct view of life !!!

I like it, hugs and kisses !!! Your Russian Princess, with love from Italy !!! Irina / Genoa / Sailing with us in Sardinia & Corsica

The Sardinia / Corsica sailing week was fantastic.  There was a perfect balance of sailing and adventure with swimming and having fun at anchorages. If I could I would sign up for the Sicily week but my work commitments prevent me from doing so.

I really appreciated having the 50ft boat, as there were 10 sailors, and having 5 berths and 3 heads was great.

Nico is an excellent skipper!!! and a fantastic host / organiser when we were on land. He always took the time to explain things very clearly and he gave us options of what we can do so it was easy for us to make decisions.

I am so pleased we made the crossing to Corsica when we did, it was strong winds but we had some experienced sailors on board, and it meant we could experience Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio.

The people on the boat were great. I thought we all got on well.

The toothbrush murder game was fun too and added another dimension.

An area that I can give some feedback on is Portisco Marina. I have no information on whether there are other Marina’s to choose from.  From memory we received the boat on Saturday evening at approx 6pm which was too late to leave the marina for our first overnight stay on the boat, and the Marina required the return of the boat by 4pm on Friday. It felt like we only the boat from Sunday to Friday. I totally understand that there are some good reasons why the boat was delivered and returned in this timeframe. If it was designed to allow sailors to book our flights in the knowledge that we would be at the marina for any flight out any time on the Saturday, I do appreciate this as my flight from Olbia left at 8:30am on Saturday (very early wake up).

Also, Portiso Marina does not have anywhere suitable for a final party night at the marina, other than the restaurants, which are expensive to pay for drinks. I didn’t mind that there was no final party, as I didnt want to have a hangover the next day 🙂

The sailing week was awesome, and I will definitely be signing up for more Naleian adventures. Danielle / London / Sailing with us in Sardinia & Corsica

Indeed, from the two naleian trips I was in, it’s simply an incredible experience to be on the sea and I wish to be more often. It was much different this time to be only a one boat “flotilla”. It has also its pros, like being free to decide anything about the program. With only 6 participants, it’s much easier to learn sailing skills from the skipper. And Nico was an incredible teacher, with his white board, great drawings, and his patience to answer every question we had. The sailing went very well, and soft. I could have enjoy some more advanced situations, stronger winds, but the meteo was soft.

I enjoyed a lot being in Greece, and didn’t wanna go back to cold germany!… It was great to have Baukje with us, as she could tell us about stories related to temples, places we visited. It seems a great idea to have some ‘adapted participants’ relative to one trip, like Baukje in Greece, or the Yoga sailing with your yogi friend in the end of August. Finally, this is the same idea that everyone is welcome to enriched the trip with something he/she likes to do. I’m afraid no one would be excited with some maths related sailing !!…. 🙂  like “discover all the Greek islands where the famous ancient mathematicians were living” ! Pythagoras of Samos, … Anthony / Bonn / Sailing with us in Greece on `Ancient Track`

I think I have to sue Naleia for my post sailing depression. Too bad. ;-P

In other words: the sailing week in Greece was a blast! I really enjoyed the sailing, the explorations, the crew, the weather! Couldn’t have been better! Isabelle / Bern / Sailing with us in Greece on `Ancient Track`

I have really enjoyed the trip and Nico is a great skipper and person.

Everything we needed was on the packing list, the information was clear and – at least for me – there were no bad surprises. Barbara / Brusells / Sailing with us in Greece on `Ancient Track`

We are now home, where the weather is warmer than it was in Greece

Suzie and I enjoyed the sailing trip and I braved the still chilly sea.

The extreme squall on day two was particularly instructive and useful for me, which Nico handled in his usual calm and capable fashion.

The 500 BC Temple of Apollo  on Thursday was the most interesting bit of sight seeing, and Suzie and I would sign up for  a trip where such sightseeing is done daily, and not necessarily in Greece.

Nico skillfully handled and coached our very mixed crew on how to sail in his charming and inimitable way. All certainly got good value for money. George & Suzie / London / Sailing with us in Greece on `Ancient Track`

Thanks a lot for your email and for organizing this incredible trip! I am still so overwhelmed that I have troubles getting back to reality and am seriously considering becoming a pirate and sail for the rest of my life! 🙂 It was sooooo incredibly great! And Nico did an amazing job :). So, thanks a million to you two!!

Regarding the feedback: well, I had probably the best time of my life, that sums it basically up, no need to say more 🙂

If I could I’d immediately quit my job and went sailing for the rest of my life… 😉 Anna / Brussels / Sailing with us in Greece on `Ancient Track`

Reviews 2015


Testimonials Sailing Holidays
2015 was a year of a big change. We sailed 7 weeks non-stop! Craaaaaaazy! We started on 30th of May from Biograd, Croatia and sailed all the way down south to Dubrovnik… and back. Therefore, we could explore the whole coastline of Dalmatia and now we know all the hidden jewels! In total 150 people joined us on this trip. This is a completely different story though.

Enjoy reading the testimonials below.

I am happy that I participated Naleia trips that opened a gate to a whole new world for me in a manner that I enjoyed everything: the people, the country, the sea, the food – I discovered that sailing it just great! Naleians are open minded, easy going and just great people! At the end of a week you feel that people became a real crew duing this short time on a yacht. Living on a yacht is absolutely fine and it is a good experience to live minimalistic as you do not have much space and women often exaggerate with their luggage 🙂 Sailing as a holiday is great. You can leave everything behind and clear your mind on the sea. I definitely want to sail more! Croatia? Just beautiful with its clear and refreshing waters, tasty food, charming little streets and buildings.

Gamze / Darmstadt / Sailing with us in Croatia

Totally awesome, I have really enjoyed people and experiences!! Rest of Naleians were really great!! people from everywhere, different cultures, backgrounds, experiences, skills… with an aim of sharing, knowing and enjoying!! For me living in a yacht has been just perfect, I loved sailing and living in the yacht, and the sensation of adventure and freedom that it gives to you! And about Croatia? Super nice country, incredible crystal water and beautiful green islands!! definitely a place to explore!!

Alvaro / Elche / Sailing with us in Croatia

I joined the Melange final week of Naleia 2015 which was my first experience with Naleia. The trip was advertised on my sailing club and instantly appealed to me as one week on an organized trip in Dalmatia on a nice chartered yacht. The fact that there were 7 different weeks to choose from was a bonus and made it easier for me to participate and co-ordiante with work commitments. Dominik’s flexibility in accommodating my need to change my week, was very welcome. Naleia cruising exceeded my expectations. There was a relaxed vibe throughout, like a personal holiday with friends, but with an overarching professionalism and well planned logistics in the background. Very well organized and executed whilst maintaining flexibility for crews to choose their activities and venues for lunch and dinner. Also the flotilla format allowed for extra enjoyment in the evenings. We were particularly lucky to have a couple of guitars and ukuleles amongst the crews resulting in fantastic jamming and sing-along sessions. I highly recommend Naleia cruising and wouldn’t hesitate to participate again next year!

This was easy given the recruitment of crew was largely from the couch-surfing forum and word of mouth. These are generally a selection of the community that is open to new experiences and meeting new people etc. This was evident on our crew of russian/german, australian, polish, austrian who got along well with the common language of english and an interest in travel and meeting new friends.

The joy of sailing in Croatia is the convenience and aesthetics of the many islands. Beautiful islands create lovely views and also many options for bays/coves/marinas for lunch and overnight choices.

Yelda / London / Sailing with us in Croatia

Naleiayachting is one of my best experience! I spent wonderful time with people from all over the world, singing laughing and learning how to sail:) I hope that friendship with Naleia people gonna keep far more longer than a summer 🙂

I met amazing people, from a different country with different experiences and culture. I could talk a lot and learn a lot from them:) the most helpful, open minded and funny crew ! Lucky me!

It’s interesting how different is to live in a boat. There is a lot of little rules that It’s very important to remember just for being safe but also to make journey more comfortable. The most beautiful thing is that all people in a boat are responsible for eachother, it means there is now ,,me” only ,,we” . It makes you feel great!

Croatia is beautiful but seeing that country from the yacht is even more attractive. Varaity of bays, landscapes and nature in general! There is a lot to explore and everyday sth new to make you feel impressed:)

Stephanie / Kraków / Sailing with us in Croatia

As is was my first sailing trip ever, I came with great wanderlust and a big load of curiosity about sailing. After two weeks of sunshine, sailing, wild gorgeous bays, incredible food, amazing open-minded people and so much good stories and fun I hardly can express, I went home abolutely delighted with a big smile on my face and quite a quantum of homesickness in my heart. I think I need to do some boring stuff for quite a while now to get my feet back on the ground.

It was amazing to watch how the different kind of people from all over the world grew together during each week. No matter what origin, nationality or whatever. Very good!

Compared to your home, living on a yacht is uncomfortable, intense and dangerous. Especially for your toes and your head. But every single bruise and bump it´s worth it. After two weeks of sailing with Naleia Yachting to my feelings it´s the best way to get a maximum of mental distance to you everday life. Best holiday ever!


Jochen / Wuppertal / Sailing with us in Croatia

It was the best way to spend a vacation! I met wonderful people and learned a lot about sailing! There is something very special about the Naleian spirit! I made really good friends! Croatia is beautiful! Every sight is like a piece of art!


Jonte / Östersund / Sailing with us in Croatia

It’s been a wonderful trip! I experienced a very different way of spending my holiday: meeting awesome people and going sailing with them in the sunny Croatia. It was a lot of fun and adventure! I loved it!

I like the diversity of the crew. People are from different countries and with different background. But we all come together because of common interest in sailing. It was awesome team work with my crew.

It was totally a new experience to me and I like adventure. I got used to living on a yacht after a few days. Although to be honest it’s not as comfortable as staying in a hotel, I enjoyed my time on the boat and I am proud that I did it! As for sailing, it’s amazing! Yun / Ploen / Sailing with us in Croatia

Reviews 2014


Some of these participants gave their testimonials for the year 2014.
Participants of the week2, year 2014. Some of them left the testimonial here.
In 2014, similarly to year 2013 we sailed only on two routes. Both were in Croatia. We started from Trogir, near Split and sailed north for one week and south for the second week. It was beautiful, exciting and fun and on each week there was 50 participants! Just like that! It was still organized as a hobby by Dominik. The testimonials say in the best way how it was!
I had a great time with great people, i mean, we had the best boat, so the others had no chance to catch us. I am looking forward for the next summer trip.

We stole the cutlery of our friends ship, hahaha that was fun.

Take you time in a nice nice mood.

Croatia? Amazing, the light is so beautiful there! Fridtjov / Freiburg / Sailing with us in Croatia

Overall I can recommend the trip: there is time to relax (even during sailing), lots of partying and meeting amazing people from all over the world!

People were very open minded, nevertheless the culture / background / religion. Everyone treated each other with great respect.

Never did sleep on a boat before! Don’t expect the luxery of a hotel, but the luxery of adventure :-)!

Comparing: I loved the trip to the south the most. Beautiful nature! Lot’s of different things to do: scooter riding, shopping, swimming, great great food!! Anna / Utrecht / Sailing with us in Croatia

This trip was one of my best vacations ever. From the beginning to the end, it felt like a rush. Took me a week home to settle down. Never happened before.

Naleians are very outgoing and easy going people. I felt immediately at home when I stepped on board. Lots of them are still on my mind 6 months later. Unique.

Crazy thing about a yacht is that it’s small and spacious at the same time. Sailing, swimming, snorkeling, meeting new friends, making food, having dinner, …

Croatia is a great place. The northern Dalmatian is amazingly beautiful. Could be on an island for a week and just staring at the sea and the other islands André / Leiden / Sailing with us in Croatia

I had a great time. A lot of smart and interesting people. Croatia is amazing. Very well organized.

I participated in both weeks (note: in 2014 we had just two weeks) and both crew and skipper were awesome. Very easy-going, open-minded people from all over the world.

It was my first sailing trip and I had a blast. Sharing a small space with 8 other people from around the world couldn’t have been easier and more fun.

Croatia is amazing. I never got tired of the water. The people at the marinas and islands were very friendly too. Felipe / Montreal / Sailing with us in Croatia

A well organized dream package, the sport and fun factor are priceless. Sailing towards beautiful sunsets & places, enjoying time with new friends. Fantastic!

To be a part of such a harmonic and open minded crew with people from all over the world was great and very exciting. We have been strangers, now friends. ❤

The wind in the sails heading towards unknown places. Adventure. Friends. Relaxation. Sports. Amazing atmosphere. An unforgettable time. Here you got it all.

Diving in clear waters with fish swarms underneath. Beautiful and inviting landscapes. Gorgeous places. Dreamy villages. Croatia is definitely worth visiting. Efkan / Heidelberg / Sailing with us in Croatia

The most exhausting Relaxing Holiday you can get. Beautiful landscape, tasty fresh Food, ´meet new friends, sailing and having a lot of fun. Will do it again!

You go on the yacht with strangers and you leave it with friends. Great. Very nice People from all over the world, a very great experience.

It could be a Little Close for somebody, but you get along with it. you will be mostly on deck and sleeping is easy because you will be leacheds out. Have fun

Croatia is a beautiful Country with an amazing coast and a lot of beautiful small Islands. Very friendly inhabitants and very, very tasty Food. Clemens / Vienna / Sailing with us in Croatia

It was the most amazing experience in my life and I cannot wait to do the next trip. The Croatian landscape, the people, the sailing, just brilliant! 🙂

Meeting so many different and great people was just one of the amazing experiences. Sailing, cooking and celebrating together all and all a fantastic adventure!

Even though the space is limited on the boat, there is everything there one needs and the greatest thing is that you see many different places when sailing.

Seeing Croatia from the seaside is a total different experience: rough but beautiful coastlines, small & nearly deserted islands and picturesque marinas… Sabrina / Fulda / Sailing with us in Croatia

The Naleia trip was perfect organization combined with maximum individual freedom. Spectacular places, the sailing, the diving, the food, the great company…

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Malta, Poland, Russia, Switzerland…. all cool and interesting people on our boat and on the others, having a good time together.

You sure have to like the small bunks, the rocking etc. But sailing is great fun, learning some theory, performing the maneuvers, steering the boat yourself…

Sea-filled caves, thousands of islands, nice little towns, ancient castles, rocky bays, the sun… and the cicadas!

  Georg / Freiburg / Sailing with us in Croatia

Absolutly great! A very nice crew, wonderful locations, the possibility to acquire new sailing skills, a very relaxed atmosphere. Very well organised.

Our crew was very well sorted, we had a lot in common, and shared some wonderful experiences. We even had jam sessions and I learned how to play the ukulele.

Sailing is very relaxing and exciting, especially with the right crew. Hail and gale are also quite an adventure! It is definitely the best “sea experience”!

The sea has a special blue color, and the green of the woods, and the city lights at night are amazing! I particularly enjoyed the blue cave and the beaches. Marta / Lugano / Sailing with us in Croatia

I loved it. Prepared, but not done for you. The sea breeze, a laugh, and cooking together. Something so active and relaxed at the same time.

This kind of thing seems to attract people who enjoy life. Pulling in a sail together has a strange power. You get to know people, not just meet them.

Some like room service, some like restaurants with the menu on the window in pictures. For the rest of us, there’s this.

Hopping around on space rocks and picking fresh wild sage on lunch break swims. I imagine Croatia has plenty more to offer, but I was there for the sea. Arttu / Jyväskylä / Sailing with us in Croatia

t was great. Everyone was friendly to each other and cared about each other as a one-week-family doesn’t matter where they come from. Very different stories and backgrounds but everyone together as a family. Living in a yacht is a cool experience. Sometimes can be challenging as well, but together you always find a good solution. Sailing is relaxed… Barbara / Vienna / Sailing with us in Croatia

What makes a trip interesting was all there, meeting great people, having fun, doing something you enjoy (sailing 😉 ), being in a great place … That’s it! Everyone there had just the right spirit to enjoy the moment and it just worked out perfectly. That was the first time and was a great experience, I actually plan to do that much more as from now. Croatia is wonderful and experiencing this country sailing is just the best way … Stephane / Amsterdam / Sailing with us in Croatia

It’s been an amazing trip, with loads of fun, breathtaking landscapes and some really nice sailing with strangers that turned into very good friends! All Naleians have been open minded, friendly and were willing to socialize. I made a lot of new friends on that trip! For me sailing on a yacht is exciting, adventurous and relaxing at the same time. It is a chance to socialize with a group of people whilst exploring nature. Croatia? Unique landscapes, clear blue water and really tasty seafood. Stefan / Rohrbach / Sailing with us in Croatia

Trip? Awesome! People? Open hearted, uncomplicated, relaxed! Sailing? Adventurous, fun, calm and free! Magda / Vienna / Sailing with us in Croatia

Sun, wind and the sea – what else do you need?! Great people and great fun! The best idea for holidays with a bit of sport and adventure added to it! Mateusz / Aberdeen / Sailing with us in Croatia

A fantastic trip made special by the ships, the captains, the people, the places and the sun! Most especially the people & the atmosphere they create! Everyone on the trip is cool and open to good times. Not a dullard in sight. Living in the yacht is tight but rewarding, learning how efficiently you can use the space. Sailing is a perfect combination between relaxation and stimulation. From a distance as you approach on the boat every town or inlet looks similar, then you go ashore & realise you were completely wrong. A great mix of places. Colm / Dublin / Sailing with us in Croatia

The best option to spend your vacation! A lot of emotions, adventures, a lot of friends all over the world now and loads of nice memories. Tired after, but SO HAPPY! It is always difficult to live 6-8 people on a little boat where you cannot run from whenever you want. But the people who are going for this trip are all easy. The landscape is very various. Endless sea, beautiful mountains, cosy villages and charming cities. No noisy cities, cars and busy people. The best for vacatio! Olga / Kazan / Sailing with us in Croatia

My trip in Croatia was fantastic. I had a great time an really enjoyed the whole experience. I was a little worried about arriving for my trip, but those worries were dispelled within minutes of meeting my crew. I love Yacht life. being on the sea at night is a very relaxing sleep, and day time can be the most exhausting relaxing holiday you will ever have. The Islands of Croatia are stunning, every headland you go around the view changes. The sea is crystal clear and the hospitality is very welcoming. Kevin / Ljubljana / Sailing with us in Croatia

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