Living on a Yacht

If you never have been on a yacht, you might wonder how it is to live on one…
Here is the list of things you should know before you book the trip:

  • The main language of communication is English, you should be comfortable using it. (You do not need to have great English skills, but you should not feel uncomfortable speaking to people.)
  • Everyone helps with either cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, shopping… Try to do your part. Think of a yacht as your home.
  • The trip is primarily about sailing – and socializing with other Naleians – not about spending the whole day on shore. You can expect to spend a minimum of 6-7 hours on the yacht each day (including break for lunch and swimming).
  • Doing things together, (like setting up sails, preparing scrambled eggs for 9 people, having lunch together, stealing knives from the other yacht…) creates a bond – be prepared to miss some people after the trip!
  • We are equal – there is no better/worse person, no Mr, Mrs, etc…
  • Going out of your comfort zone makes you grow as a human being – you might learn something about yourself (or at least admit officially to some things you already knew subconsciously).
  • There’s “no” private property on a yacht (except your cabin). So, don’t be surprised if socialism is applied in terms of food sharing :).
  • Life in a small space and with lots of people is not always easy. It helps a lot to be patient, flexible and helpful (breathe and smile! 🙂 )
  • You are mostly outside – sailing, setting up the sails, steering the yacht, admiring the views, enjoying the weather, swimming, chilling out on deck, reading, chatting with people…
  • Bathrooms are quite tight – but taking a shower on the yacht is possible – even in two 😉
  • There is a third fresh water shower on deck of the yacht (to get rid of the salt that stays on your body after a swim).
  • In marinas: there are spacious (and usually fancy) showers and toilets, power cables to charge our batteries and water hoses to refill the water tanks (all included in the marina fees!).
  • Bavarias 47 (our yachts) are equipped with water tanks that fit 460 liters of fresh water, that sounds (and is) a lot, but still it is good to save water.
  • Sailing is a sport for everyone who moves more than just from couch to fridge… You need to pull some ropes, rotate large steering wheels, and winch some winches… no big muscles needed but a bit of agility.
  • Don’t expect luxury and prepare for limited space → pack lightly!
    (TIP: take only half of what you have prepared to pack! We never had anyone who packed too few clothes but about 70% of participants who complained they packed too much)
  • Yachts have got their electricity from batteries. There is only 12V, which is why you cannot charge computers, mobiles, cameras. This, however, can be done on the yachts when we are plugged into marina’s grid. Anyway: be in the moment! Not on the internet!
  • There is a stereo player on the yacht – remember to record your favorite tracks to play some nice tunes along the way! There is nothing better than breakfast with good music and wonderful views!
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