What Is Naleia Yachting?

I like to feel the joy of living. I love to encounter new experiences and new horizons everyday. I believe that happiness is most true when shared.

If you miss that feeling, I have got the travel for you. I put you on a yacht with like-minded people. We all set out for the adventure of discovering coastlines along the Mediterranean sea and beyond. Skippers teach you sailing along the way and let nature (weather) frame the schedule for our experience.

We detach from reality. We snorkel in azure waters, see places of incomparable beauty and socialize with other Naleians. We sail from town to town visiting postcard-like bays along the way. Each night we spend in a different place. One or two nights we drop anchor and stay in a secluded bay or on a remote island, somewhere in the middle of a paradise…

I am not making unforgettable trips. We live them together.

The Naleia Community

Who are Naleians? Uhhh, a good question. One of the ways to describe this community is that it consists of people who truly want to meet other people. And this sentence should be sufficient, but I suppose it is good to give a bit more insight…

In most cases, Naleians do not know each other before a trip. It’s similar to Couchsurfing experiences: You arrive, say hello and immediately feel connected. The bond strengthens during the week by preparing meals and eating together, exploring cities, bays and pubs, and – of course – by sailing and operating the yacht together.

Openness, kindness and care for others are essential parts of this trip. People joining Naleia Yachting are not looking for mass events where anonymity and size of the event prevent from really getting to know fellow travelers. Naleians seek entertainment, yes, but also freedom to enjoy the location they are in and a schedule allowing spontaneous ideas to come to life.

Naleians are open for anyone who is open 🙂

SELECTAN(TM) Algorithm

Developed in cooperation with a musician, a psychologist, a philosopher, a sociologist, a system engineer, a cultural scientist and a skipper. It’s a field proven algorithm of creating best-fit crews out of all Naleia Yachting participants. Input: your data from the booking form.

Pro Skippers

In order for the cruise to be safe, there is a professional skipper assigned to each yacht. It is his job to take care of the yacht and ensure that the crew arrives safely at the destination. S/He is also the one teaching you the sailing skills if you wish to!

As the skipper is part of the crew, you need to take care of him/her, feed and treat well. A happy skipper is a safe skipper! The skipper occupies one of the saloon beds.

If qualified, it is possible that you skipper a yacht (reduction of costs!).

Learn To Sail Training

A basic sailor training is included. If you wish (opt-out possible), you will be a competent crew member after the trip! We cannot yet give a certificate, but our course follows the internationally renowned sailing organization methodology, and is a first step towards being an independent skipper.

Daily Plan

A typical day looks as follows:

  • 0800-1000 Waking up, breakfast at the yacht, choosing our destination, briefing
  • 1000-1300 We leave port and set the sails
  • 1300-1500 We drop anchor at a postcard-like bay, for lunch break – time for food, a cold beer, swimming in azure waters, snorkelling, relaxing…
  • 1500-1700 Second part of sailing for the day. Arriving in port
  • 1700-2000 Dinner on the yacht or a restaurant/tavern
  • 2000-2300 Socializing on yachts or somewhere in town/nature. Time for going out and/or nightly exploration of the surroundings
  • ??00-??00 Time for bed! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The above-mentioned plan may be changed by events presented in the Weekly Plan.

Weekly Plan

Depending on the weather and your preferences, a different amount of the below mentioned options will be included in our weekly schedule. As they add diversity to our trip, we try to include as many as possible. These however do not mean that every evening is `organized`. We like to leave space for spontaneity!

Restaurant together

We reserve a venue, negotiate discounts and enjoy local, fresh food together. Some of the restaurants might be in bustling cities, others may be a single house in a secluded bay. Good food, good mood!

Sunrise Sailing Session

We know, not everybody is an early bird. So, some crew members stay in their beds, while others can take the yacht to the sea. We strongly recommend to find the willpower to get up, because there is hardly a thing comparable with sipping the morning coffe while enjoying the sunrise at calm seas.

Welcome/Farewell Drink

At the first and the last evening of each week we meet for having a drink, sharing organizational information and meeting all the Naleians.


At the end of each week we have a sailing competition! Your crew will put all the newly learnt skills into action to compete for prizes. Skippers can only give commands, they will not touch any sailing equipment until the finish line!

Bar/Club Together

We choose a bar/pub/club big enough for all of us to relax or dance until late into the night. We also try to be informed about upcoming concerts and other local events worth seeing.

Sunset Sailing Session

The colors of the setting sun are truly magical from the yacht-on-the-water perspective. Prepare your cameras and take time to enjoy!

Yacht Raft Party

We find a secluded bay, connect the yachts in a raft and enjoy our freedom to the fullest. Sip a drink, enjoy the (live) music, have a dive and marvel at the stars!

Lazy Afternoon

We arrive to our destination and enjoy sweet lazyness. No schedules, no deadlines. Pure relax. On those evenings spontaneity takes control… 😉

Your Suggestions

I am open for your suggestions on spending non-sailing time. Whenever you have an idea for an event: let me know and I’ll see how to bring your idea to life.

Join Naleians for a holiday of a lifetime!

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